Our Philosophy

The Life Enhancement Clinic is a new, innovative health clinic with a proactive and preventive approach to anti-ageing, mental health and physical well-being. We are passionate about the therapies we provide, and have a team who share our values and approach to health and wellbeing. With the scientific discoveries associated with ageing, today’s ailments, and the extremely high stress levels individuals suffer, we believe treatment needs to begin at a cellular level to achieve effective results. We are results driven with a strong focus on medical research. Our clinic differs in that we have endeavored to create an environment that feels more like a luxury escape from the stresses of day-to-day life by creating a unique experience for our clientele. Our staff are not only passionate, they have years of medical experience. We achieve success by listening to what your health and lifestyle goals are to create treatment plans that target those specific needs using a range of therapies and modalities.

Our experts have searched extensively to discover effective proven treatments that are not reactive to mask symptoms, but regenerative to repair with noticeable results. Taking care of your health now is vital if you want to live to your life’s potential, in a body and with a mind that serves you well. We are here to assist you in reaching your full potential, combining nourishment for your mind, body and soul. They are devoted to the client experience and customer service, and put you, the client, at the center of all that we do. Through our own personal experiences, we know the genuine effects these ground breaking, therapies can have when delivered using a holistic approach in a nurturing environment. Our treatments cater to many age groups from the early 20s through to the late 70s.


Your journey towards an enhanced life starts with a consultation with our registered nurse and medical practitioner, who listens intently to discover your health and lifestyle goals. Armed with this information, we discuss with your our range of treatments and therapies that will assist you to reach these goals. In collaboration with you, we design a package that is tailor made for not only you, but also your budget.



Relieve stress levels and restore optimal performance


Optimise your skins health and enhance luminosity


Formulated to support and enhance your health and fitness goals


Designed to enhance sleep and improve cellular function


The ultimate package for nourishment both inside and out


Formulated to optimise your health prior to conception


Prevent the effects of declining antioxidant levels and cellular functions that occur with age


Designed to restore energy levels and improve concentration