NAD+ 10 Day Program

Our NAD+ 10 Day Program is more intensive than our 5-day program, although you still get to relax and reboot in your own personal pod equipped with a reclining massage chair, and under the supervision of our caring and nurturing registered nurses. This program is well suited to individuals suffering with the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD, and general mental health concerns. It is also used to treat those with addiction or dependence on opiates and alcohol and is our first program that addresses chronic pain. Chronic pain is complex in nature, so we suggest starting with the 10-day program and upon completion we can discuss how you are feeling and whether you require further treatment.


- General health examination
- General medical consultation
- Initial laboratory test
- 10 days of IV NAD
- A complete range of IV vitamins over the 10 days, prescribed to your individual needs, as per your pathology results
- 5 IV Glutathione treatments
- 10 days of 30-minute session of oxygen therapy
- Vitamin B12 shots
- Catered lunch and snacks

- Individuals suffering from depression, anxiety or post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
- As an introduction therapy for those with chronic pain
- Individuals with opiate and/or alcohol dependence