Platelet rich plasma (PRP) involves taking a tube of blood (similar to a blood test), spinning the tube to separate the plasma from the red blood cells, and gently injecting the plasma under the skin. This makes PRP a very low risk procedure due to the use of your own blood. Plasma contains many factors essential for cell survival such as nutrients, vitamins, hormones, electrolytes and proteins, as well as essential molecules for tissue regeneration. Platelets are key components of tissue repair mechanisms. They provide essential growth factors that are involved in cell migration, differentiation, and proliferation, as well as new blood vessel formation.

As you age, the dermal components and cells decrease so the texture and appearance of the skin deteriorates. Ageing affects the hands, and the soft tissue of the face and body. This is characterised by sagging and thinning of the skin, puffiness, age spots and wrinkles (forehead, cheeks, neck and décolletage). The general texture of the skin changes and dryness is a problem. Sun exposure worsens the process with solar-aging and UV irradiation. This means that vertical and horizontal facial wrinkles appear, and skin texture deteriorates with time.
The trend now is to turn back the clock and undergo some form of rejuvenation to reduce facial wrinkles, lines and blemishes. There is a new approach appeals to clients who want to use natural methods to rejuvenate their skin. This method uses your own cells using autologous platelet rich plasma. This is also referred to as autologous cellular regeneration which is an aesthetic practice and a safe procedure. Used in combination with other therapies it can increase the results of other anti-ageing therapies.

- Stimulates an increase in collagen production
- Increased elasticity
- Improved skin tone, texture and quality
- Increased hydration

The areas we use PRP to treat include:
- Around the eyes - excellent for dark circles!
- Cheeks and mid face
- Thinning skin on the neck
- Jaw line and sides of the face
- Backs of the hands
- Décolletage
other body areas.

Not everyone is suitable for PRP treatments. People with skin diseases (e.g. SLE, porphyria, allergies), cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, severe metabolic and systemic disorders, abnormal platelet functions (e.g. blood disorders) and individuals on anti-coagulant therapy, may not be suitable.

Hair treatment - $200
1st Vial - $450
2nd and subsequent Vials each treatment - $400